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Summer mens essentials

Now we all know men have essentials just as much as the women…. Get in the mood for the summer, by getting every essential needed this year. To start with let’s introduce our newest range of mens clothing now being sold online; Original Geek. They are as some may say ‘reem‘. Original Geek t-shirts give away an individual style for everyone. With many colours to choose from, and mix and matches with other shirts to go with it letting the customer look stylish and comfortable. Original Geek t-shirts reflect on the fact that wearing a t-shirt is not a one day game; it has to be worn in all seasons at particular occasions.

Accessorize with a lowlife belt, aid holding up your trunks, trousers and shorts no one can deny a belt is never needed.

TOMS Slip-ons unpredictable Summer escapes call for versatility. What an extra spice to add to the life of your outfit with tens of colour choices there’s enough for 1 pair per outfit. Had enough of casual shoes and want to smarten up a bit with the Blow Munkey shoes a lot smarter styled but still with a relaxed suede upper construction shoe. This simplistic design features and styling make these an all time classic.

If you’re going to get yourselves some plimsoles or boat shoes you may need to think about getting some slim, comfy and colourtastic Happy Socks! Embrace the colourful summer months. Each sock has a hand linked toe to ensure a perfectly smooth seam and making them fit like a glove! and a fantastic range of fabulous colours! But don’t let the time run away with itself if you’re going on holiday plan your day ahead with a Chi-Wat watch.

Icon wallet comes in many different styles and colours. Exterior credit card holders ID holder, double hinged to grab your notes, BE PREPARED this summer with your 9 summer essentials gentlemen.