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Wear your countries colours!

What will you be wearing for that upcoming warm weather getaway, beach vacation, or just in general this summer? As the summer event is approaching, all the fashionistas are focusing in on summer styles that have a colourful UK influence. The colors and trends we are seeing in the market are definitely influenced by this most important event that gives all of the famous brands a chance to show off their newest and best styles, colours, prints, graphics and silhouettes.

With events like sailing, swimming, diving, track & field, tennis, volleyball, cycling, motocross, board sports, boxing, gymnastics and more, this is a great summer for designers all around the globe to debut new looks and exciting colors for the athletes to wear participating in these events.

Don’t have difficulty finding the right colours for the right time this year, with the event being a huge step for the UK embrace the Great British flag colours.

With tens of different brands such as Keds, Converse, Vans, tReds, Globe, Etnies and DC Shoes. Pick a brand, pick a style then pick the colour.