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5 Reasons You Need To Invest In A Pair Of Bedroom Athletics Slippers

The cold and dark nights are very much here and there’s nothing better than putting on a pair of comfy slippers at the end of a long day.

Why you need to invest in a pair of Bedroom Athletics slippers

You can wear them all year round:

Due to the wool’s hollow fibres, the sheepskin has thermostatic properties, working as a natural insulator, meaning your feet stay cool in the summer and are kept toasty in the winter. Perfect for whatever weather comes your way!

Removes foot odour:

Bedroom Athletics slippers can absorb up to 33% of their own weight in moisture, but that’s not an excuse to wear them in the shower, even though you’re going to want to wear them all the time!

A durable, natural fit:

You’re able to wear these slippers all year round, you were probably thinking “hang on a minute, what slippers last that long?”. Well, wool fibres can bend an average of 20,000 times before ripping, giving you plenty of indoor walking miles and enduring comfort.

Perfect for allergy sufferers:

Bedroom Athletics Sheepskin contains a substance called lanolin, which is like that found in human skin. It helps to prevent rashes, and heal sensitive and inflamed skin, making it the perfect slipper material for allergy sufferers. Sheepskin has self-cleaning qualities, repelling dust mites and mildew, which is why it’s a popular material for baby products.

Enhances relaxation and regeneration

When your skin is placed against the sheepskin, it regulates your body temperature, activating your blood circulation and immune system. This promotes the relaxation and regeneration of your body. It’s even said to provide support to achy limbs!

We have a variety of men’s and women’s sheepskin slippers available in styles to suit everyone. Treat your feet to luxury!

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