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5 Types of Trainers Every Man Should Own

Sneaker fandom can seem like a bizarre world of silly fashionable jargons, fickle trends, and questionable designs for those that do not understand. And yet, you don’t even have to understand because that’s what it actually is.

But even so, there have been sneakers and trainers that have become classics. These are the styles that aren’t exclusive to the teenagers and those young at heart but also for every person wanting to look good in this era. It doesn’t matter whether you want to twist up your formal wear or to perfect your weekend game because these classics fit your need for any occasion aside from funerals, of course.


1 | Clean white tennis shoes

White tennis shoes are considered the perfect summer trainers because of how they seemingly go well with everything. Whether it’s your navy suit or your jeans, white tennis shoes seem to have taken over the fashion industry. Pretty soon, they may even take over the world.


2 | Weekend runners

These lightweight and knitted running shoes are the youngest members of the classic trainer ensemble and aren’t actually designed solely for running.

Useful not only for running, these runners are perfect for the weekends and city breaks. And, if you must, you can even just loaf around in them while wearing your expensive tracksuit bottoms.


3 | The classic high-top

These trainers may seem like the trickiest classics to pull off but they look best when worn together with the simple look of black jeans, a plain monochromatic T-shirt, and a denim jacket. And if you are brave enough, you can even trade the denim jacket for a leather one.

High-tops aren’t as versatile as the rest of the items on this ensemble but it doesn’t in any way diminish their reasons for being one of the classics. In fact, the Chuck Taylor All Star, a favourite among high-tops, have endured for nearly a century.


4 | Old school skaters

Classic skater trainers have been popping up on the feet of the fashion set for several years already, and there is a good reason for that.


Informal sneakers, such as the Vans Old Skool or anything similar, can go well with everything. But make sure you wear fresh ones when going to work and save the beaten pairs on the weekend.


5 | The subtle statement

You could actually opt for anything whether is a pair of scribbled-on white kicks or Gucci tennis shoes with embroidered flames, snakes, and tigers (which we’re a fan of, by the way) when you want to make a bold statement. But if you want to more subtle with your fashion approach, you can opt for the coloured suede.

When going for this approach, we recommend showing off green, blue, or red suede trainers like the Adidas Gazelle, for example. This style will level up your trainer game without making you look like a League One football player splurging on his first paycheque. Nevertheless, just make sure the rest of your outfit doesn’t stand out as much.

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