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Brand Focus: Sperry

Paul Sperry was an avid boater with a passion for the sea. Like other boaters of his day it was often a struggle to keep himself stable on the slippery deck of his boat, yet when he watched his cocker spaniel Prince run across the ice he noticed that his dog had a fantastic ability to maintain traction on such a slippery surface. Sperry noticed that the pattern of grooves on the dog’s feet are the key to maintaining stability. He immediately got to work to create a shoe, especially for his boat. His idea was to recreate the nonslip sole by inserting small grooves in a herringbone pattern. Adding this he made the soles white to stop them marking the deck. This proved to be extremely popular with his fellow boaters and by 1935 the first Authentic Original Sperry Top-sider was introduced.

These days Sperry Top-siders are going strong and prove popular not only with boaters but are now often associated with fashions such as the prep and nautical styles. Sperry appeals to all age groups and is easy to see why when the designs produced by Sperry Top-sider are always stylish and offer great comfort.

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