Ever looked back at photos of yourself from the 90’s? Every wondered what you were thinking when you got dressed that long ago, or why you thought you looked good in oversized jumpers, patterned leggings and clogs? Or even wondered why your parents thought you looked ‘cute’ in clashing colours?!

Well, over the past few years, a lot of the ‘trends’ from the 90’s have come back into fashion, except these days we can style the leggings and shoes better, and not wear colours that just don’t look good together!

It started off with leggings, they disappeared for years after being a huge fashion trend in the 90’s, but now they’re back and even bigger than before. Leggings are just the perfect casual or smart wear, and they come in the most gorgeous patterns now; stripes, spots, leopard print…

This season though, JuJu jelly shoes have been bigger than ever before! At tReds, some of us remember loving the jelly shoes as children, wearing them on the beach and having a collection of all the colours; telling your friends that yours were better than theirs!

The good thing about these jelly shoes; they are so comfortable! What more could a girl want? Looking stylish and feeling comfortable!

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