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Buffalo London

Bringing the 90s back around has never been easier with our NEW collection of platform trainers from Buffalo London at tReds.

Buffalo sets new standards for sneaker styles. This sneaker will make you the centre of attention with its big silhouette, a heavy structured platform sole and white leather-look upper.

The soft nude Corin sneaker, meets rough contouring, making no compromises. The design surprises with urban lines, big platform soles and ’90s branding, while its overall light weight and its upholstered entrance take you to a new level of comfort.

The Silver Corin sneaker from Buffalo features an eye-catching platform sole, nacre shimmery upper and a chunky silhouette called CLD. The shoe will look great in any of your ’90s outfits with its lightweight platform sole, which will add 5cm extra leg length.

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