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Capture the difference with Dr Martens Boots

Boots seem to have come back in style with more and more people asking for them at the shoe stores. Carrying a league of its own, Dr Martens Boots is one brand that enjoys great admiration and reputation. There is an interesting backdrop to the launching of this brand. While skiing in the Bavarian Alps in Munich in 1945, Dr Klaus Maertens hurt his foot. Thus he designed a comfortable shoe which one could wear during the healing process. An excellent cushion was created for the feet by using rubber from old tires to trap air in the sole. Dr. Klaus Maertens created the shoe by forming a team with Griggs family of footwear-makers.

Today there is a huge variety available under the umbrella of Dr Martens Boots. Store shelves offer cherry red, metallic, high-heeled, purple, floral-patterned, the classic black 10-eye boots and numerous other options. This boot brand has come a long way from them initial days when they were just used by working-class men to cushion their tired feet when they would work hard all day. Factory workers and postmen received these shoes with great pleasure since they greatly catered to their needs.

At the start, no marketing campaigns were designed to promote Dr Martens Boots. With the advent of the 1960s, subcultures started adopting these boots. Skinheads were the first and then followed Goths, mods, grunge, punks etc. These boots were even worn by the bands of that time onstage with grunge bands wearing them under torn jeans and flannel shirts. Dr Martens Boots have been improved and modernized with time to sustain the market demands. Scores of styles are being offered by this brand. These boots are being worn with torn jeans, Mohawks, work uniforms and chains.

So, how about it? Do not miss out on Dr Martens Boots!