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Jan 12 2012

January sales!

January sales at tReds

Hundreds of items on SALE this January. Many including brands like Dr Martens, DC Shoes, Fit-FlopsConverse, UGG Australia, Etnies, Skechers, Timberland and many more. Some with 10% off and even some with up to 50% off! Grab a bargain while you can and don’t miss out. These sales won’t be around for long…


Nov 17 2011

Accessorize yourselves this winter!

 Bags, Laces, Watches and Headphones!


DC Shoes D0MBA081 Bag CastleRock Bag
DC Shoes D0MBA081 Bag CastleRock Bag
Shoulder bags and Back packs and we even have a Barrel Bag.

 With brands like Fred Perry, Golddigga, Vans, DC and MARVEL! Made from 100% polyester with padded adjustable shoulder straps, a large main zip compartment, front ‘box pocket’ and 3-D prints. We’ve got some great styles, for example the DC D0MBA081 Castle Rock bag. The DC backpacks are just perfect for your school/college bag.
Mr Lacy Printies Rasta Laces
Printies Rasta
 If you like your feet to stand out then have a look at our
Mr Lacy Laces, with 42 different styles and colours. Including
pink and blue Glow in the Dark Laces!! We’ve got Girly ones,
Plain ones, Colourful ones, Checkered ones, Glow in the Dark
ones and many more. Click HERE to take a peek!
CHI-WAT Big Silicone Watch Purple Watches
CHI-WAT Big Silicone Watch Purple

Watch out! 49 super trendy Watches in stock made by CHI-WAT and Breo Breo.
In many different colours and many different sizes.
Following on from the “Roam” and the “Venture” Breo launches the Arica watch.
All the design and manufactoring standards expected from Breo,but now in asize adjustable chunky wrist watch with an analogue face.
Bold, modern simplistic styling. Available in Black or White!
CHI-WAT Jelly silicone watch with large square watch face,
available in Black or Purple. Perfect for everyday wear and at an amazing price.

 With a fantastic range of Skullcandy headphones available and in stock today, be sure to make a purchase!
With over 30 different colours and styles or Ear phones and Head phones.
Skull Candy Hesh Paul Frank HP Black Julius Headphones

Hesh Paul Frank H/P Black Julius

The Skullcrushers – A pair of mini-subwoofers against your skull makes the bass feel like a swarm attack by the renegades of funk, soldiers of Jah, hip-hop nation, and a 1970s version of the Kiss Army, all at once. So, no. Skullcrusher is not just a clever name.
Skullcandy Riot Earbuds - True harmony reveals itself in many forms. In the case of the Riot ear buds, perfect balance is achieved when you are blind sided by two ton of bass a la 11mm fisticuffs.
Hesh Paul Frank H/P – With 50mm high explosive power drivers, Skullcandy’s HESH is locked and loaded to pummel your senses with pulverizing panoramic sound. You’ve been warned. Big cans with big soundFeatures.
 These are just a selection of our headphones click HERE to see more!

Jul 14 2011

Accessorize your fashion with our fashion!

Accessories top off every look whether it be a hat, watch or all out on a statement bag. This year you wont have to look any further to get access to this years fashion accessories.

I think its safe to say that there are only very limited looks that do not recquire some kind of accessories. The most minimalistic accessory, like a pair of Skullcandy headphones are enough to complete a look. We are all guilty of over accessorizing but sometimes less is truley more when you’re wearing a label.

In the eye of the public, celebs showing off their Breo watches.

Snoop Dogg showing off his latest purchase from the Skullcandy range, going for the Headphone style.

When it comes to following this years celebs hot list of labels, look no further!

Fashion is constantly changing and evolving on a regular basis and when your trying to keep up, it’s not easy for the best of us. This is were tReds is a stepping stone keeping you in the loop for all the fashion must have accessories.

Accessories are used to compliment every and any look, adding style, colour and class but choosing the right accessory can sometimes be difficult when your trying to follow the latest celebs. But when you have classics that never go out of fashion these can accompany you for many fashion decades to come.