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Mar 15 2012

All in with the flip flops 2012!

Flipflops at tRedsHundreds of different styles of Flip-Flops beind sold here at tReds. Including brands like FitFlop, UGG australia, O’neill, Skechers, Dizzy, Mel, Etnies, Havaianas and more..

The Summer of 2012 is going to be one to remember! But do you want to remember it for having uncomfortable shoes or unstylish shoes? NO! That’s why we’ve selected some of the best and most popular styles.  Just so our customers look and feel their best this summer! Flip Flops are the perfect shoes for all occasions, because if they get wet most of them can be wash, if they smell they can be washed and every pair of flip flops sold at tReds are the ultimate for comfort and style combined.

tReds buyers aim to stock flip flops suitable for everyone. Whether your into plain dark coloured flip flops or bright colourful and pretty flip flops we have either and all. Some of our Flip Flops are FAMOUS! Seen on celebrities, such as The Bullock sisters, they have been spotted strolling New Orleans and guess what, the famous Sandra Bullock is on her cute maxi dress with a pair of Slim Grey Havaianas identical to the Slim Havaianas sold at tReds.