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Oct 21 2013

Black is Best!

What do you think? Black is best? Or do you prefer more bright and colourful clothing?

This week, we have had a delivery from ICHI which has bought us three gorgeous black dresses, as well as two black cardigans and dark coloured jumpers. These three dresses have arrived just at the right time; it’s Halloween next week, so you could dress up as a wicked witch, but with gorgeous fashion sense!

We think black will be a big hit this winter with clothing and footwear. We’ve had black UGG‘s delivered this week, as well as black Miss Indigo and Strawberry boots. It’s good though, because black looks good with any outfit!


Oct 23 2012

New Vans this Autumn.

Over 20 new styles of Vans we have just brought in at tReds, styles for Men, Women, and Kids. And with over 30 different colours altogether you will definitely find a pair to match your personality. They each have their own unique influence.

Our newest style are the Vans Mid Skool 77 trainers, these are the new most stylish trainers and are the latest edition to the Skateboarder range. Featuring a cushioned leather collar, textile upper with leather attributes and Vans branding to heel and tongue. Which are available in Black and Brown…

Also our latest themed Vans for Halloween! Kids are scary enough anyway, your little monster can strike terror into everyone with these Glow in the dark Vans Classic Slip Ons! A fabric upper features glowing bones adding a fun element to this classic, finished on a vulcanised sole unit.

Oct 22 2012

Punch through the sales with Iron Fist!

Hurry, Iron Fist on MASSIVE SALE! We’ve gone mad with up to £40 off. A pair for everyone, ones with polka dots, cute bows, ankle straps and peep toes. Platforms, laces, straps and faces! All for you so grab a bargain. May even want to surprise someone for Christmas this year what a gift that would be…

Outbursts of distinctive designs can be found throughout the range with phenomenal artwork, and unique designs; it is described as bold, impulsive, raw and unapologetic. These shoes definitely effortlessly bring a sophisticated yet totally rock chick touch to your look. Renowned for quality product with exceptional artwork from a barrage of some of the world’s best underground and street artists.

Oct 10 2012

UGG Australia – Get Prepared For Winter 2012!

We have tens of different styles and colours of UGG Boots here at tReds. We have tall boots, short boots, flip flops, slippers and new to tReds waterproof boots. Our collection of genuine UGG boots offer a range of classic sheepskin boots, alongside more exclusive UGG styles, visit our UGG Australia page to find out more!

Our newest waterproof boots showcase sumptuous suede with a field-and-stream feel, these pair comfort and style with cold-weather performance. Sheepskin lining and heat-keeping, breathable insole are finished with UGG Australia’s flexible EVA outsole, enhanced with patent-protected tread. Our new waterproof boots include the Etta and the Selia.

It may be hard to choose your favourite colour and style as there are so many to choose from!

Jul 26 2012

Vans summer collection

Soo its the summer of 2012 and the variations of Vans will never cease to amaze us. Be inspired with every pair guaranteed to look good with most outfits give or take.

Our latest Slim Van doren celebrating the summer that has finally arrived with Hawaiian like colours and pattern amongst the trainer. Perfect for the holidays abroad but If you haven’t planned a holiday abroad don’t sweat it you’ll be living in a holiday at end for your tootsies!

For all those kitty cat lovers Hello Kitty is one cool cat and has teamed up with Vans to create her very own Authentic and these would be puurrrr-fect for you! This retro plimsoll is durable, responsive and stylish with a lace up front and subtle branding to the side, a skate classic, tastefully updated for todays trend-driven market.

Your wardrobe will never be complete without at least of the thousands of additions of Vans. As the colours will never stop coming our customers will never stop buying!

Jul 20 2012

Wear your countries colours!

What will you be wearing for that upcoming warm weather getaway, beach vacation, or just in general this summer? As the summer event is approaching, all the fashionistas are focusing in on summer styles that have a colourful UK influence. The colors and trends we are seeing in the market are definitely influenced by this most important event that gives all of the famous brands a chance to show off their newest and best styles, colours, prints, graphics and silhouettes.

With events like sailing, swimming, diving, track & field, tennis, volleyball, cycling, motocross, board sports, boxing, gymnastics and more, this is a great summer for designers all around the globe to debut new looks and exciting colors for the athletes to wear participating in these events.

Don’t have difficulty finding the right colours for the right time this year, with the event being a huge step for the UK embrace the Great British flag colours.

With tens of different brands such as Keds, Converse, Vans, tReds, Globe, Etnies and DC Shoes. Pick a brand, pick a style then pick the colour.

May 24 2012

Teddy boy creepers re-invented

Fashion creepers on the path of redemption

Creepers originally seen on the feet of the Teddy Boys, the origin of the 50’s Rockabilly trends and this year they have been seen to be reinvented into the 21st century.

Teddy Boy fashion was born in London in the 1950’s spreading across the UK and soon became strongly associated with the American rock ‘n’ roll. Favoured footwear included; highly polished Oxfords, chunky brogues, and crepe-soled shoes, often suede (known as brothel creepers).

Creepers were the beginning of rock and roll and even made it through to the Gothic era, suddenly everyone started to intergrate them into their own fashion.

Now Teddy Boy fashion was never ‘just’ for the boys, but the girls embraced the new fashion crave and re-created the female version of freedom and rebelliousness fashion in their lives, but obviously in a more girly way. High waisted pegged trousers, oversized jackets and their love of bouffant hairstyles these were known at the Teddy ‘Girls’


May 10 2012

The Vans have arrived!

Hi Vans lovers. We’ve just received yet another shipment of Vans shoes. All the latest styles and colours are in stock and are winging their way to our shops as we speak.
Can Vans get any more popular! With such a high demand this year we’re making sure we keep stocked up on as much of the range as we can get. If you’re a regular to vans then you’ll notice some new colours hitting the shelves especially for spring summer 2012.
If you’re a newby and your thinking of buying your first pair then first pick a style that you think most suits you, then pick from your choice of colour. Whether its the authentic, slip on, vulcanised or one of the other stylish lines, one thing is for sure, Vans cannot be missed this year. We’re sure you`ll love browsing the collection.
We know Vans are the coolest things on your feet this year. Check out these celebs that have been spotted recently wearing them…

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Apr 30 2012

This seasons new in..

With spring upon us and more warm weather (hopefully) on its way, it really is time for all of us to be considering our spring/summer footwear this is the time for a wardrobe change. This seasons new in’s are gleaming this year! hundreds of new stock to get you in gear for the Spring and leading up to the summer. Not only will you look great with your new shoes but to feel great, well…. That’s a bonus. Treat your feet and take a peek at all of our newest stock especially for this season. The celebs are doing it with Vans, Skechers, Converse , TOMS and more. . The economy may not have re-covered yet but fashion has. tReds has plenty for us to look forward to with the dozens of festivals, carnivals, concerts and fates wouldn’t want to let your friends down and arrive in run down old shoes…. Show off your new sneakers, plimsoles, hi-tops, pumps, heels and even flip-flops. The colours this year have definately reached it’s most extravagant with bright colours, stripes and spots, these are almost guarunteed to let out some ooohs and aahhhs.


What’s the biggest male trend this season?

Also I don’t know if anyones noticed but CHINO’s are everywhere! Right at the top of the fashion crave this year, if you own a pair or are thinking or getting a pair the perfect shoes to wear with Chino’s we think are definately Vans. Do some research because we’ve done ours, stars like Aston Merrigold and One Direction are pimping out the fashion crave with their very own Chino’s worn with Vans. Not only do Chinos go with Vans but another popular choice is the Etnies range. From thick tongue to Hi-Tops any sort of style would contrast with Chino’s perfectly.

Ladies, what to where?

Bit of fashion advice for the ladies rise to the top this season with the latest trend of Wedged sandals. These will take you from the beach to the restaurant with ease. Dress them up or down and look effortlessly stylish. Ever so popular brands like Fly, Skechers, and Sugar have a range of wedged sandals that are known to sell out fast so don’t delay… The best thing about wedged sandals are that they are soooo comfortable, they last for years to come and they are the ultimate class for both dressy evenings or casual days.

Apr 24 2012

The Season of Spots and Stripes

Spots and Stripes

This is the season of Spots and Stripes. Everyone is wearing them, you see all your friends, celebrities, royalty in spots and stripes but have you noticed? We have at tReds, that’s why we have a range of selected items that are either Spotty, or Stripey. To help our customers get into the trend from subtle spots to spectacular stripes.

Kick up your heels in spots or stripes and JOIN THE TREND. Spots vs. Stripes, the debate that never fails to end. Thousands of fashion fanatics can’t ever decide, what’s your opinion? If you don’t know yet buy one or the other and tell us. Both styles look fabulous with the new spring colours, afraid of not keeping up to date with fashion, just one spot or one stripe will put you back at the top.