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Celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter

Emma Watson with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint at the Hand, Foot and Wand Print Ceremony Honoring The Cast of "Harry Potter". Grauman's Chinese Theater, Hollywood, CA. 07-09-07

20 years have passed since the introduction of Harry Potter. We thought we’d celebrate the milestone with a blog post full of facts about the infamous story of a boy who became a wizard.

J.K Rowling conceived the idea about Harry Potter in 1990 when she was waiting for a delayed train to take her from Manchester to London King’s Cross. She then spent 5 years mapping out all 7 books of the series. Most of her notes were scribbled on scrap pieces of paper and over time, she built up a mass of notes which would lead to the amazing stories of Harry Potter.

Facts about J.K Rowling and Harry Potter

  • Did you know that J.K Rowling and Harry Potter share the same birthday? 31st
  • Rowling went from being unemployed and living on benefits to becoming a multi-millionaire within just 5 years!
  • Rowling was diagnosed with clinical depression which she says inspired her to create the Dementors that feature in her Harry Potter series. She also suffers with insomnia which she says is down to her working too late and reading things that she has strong opinions about.
  • 12 publishing houses rejected J.K. Rowling’s original Harry Potter manuscripts, but eventually a publisher called Bloomsbury gave her a chance. Little did they know that the final Harry Potter book, The Deathly Hallows, would break records as the fastest-selling book EVER!
  • Rowling invented Quidditch after an argument with her then boyfriend.

Monday 26th June marked 20 years to the day that Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone’ was released as a book. ‘#HarryPotter20’ soon began trending on Twitter where many fans were sharing their memories about the characters.

J.K. Rowling wrote a tweet to her fans saying, “20 years ago today a world that I had lived in alone was suddenly open to others. It’s been wonderful. Thank you.#HarryPotter20”

It’s been an incredible milestone for J.K. Rowling and all Harry Potter fans as they celebrate 2 decades of Harry Potter!

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