Crocs Has Released New Shoes

We bring you the news that you can now buy a pair of Crocs that have miniature ‘fanny packs’ on the back of them.

Now, for those of us who live in the UK, a ‘fanny pack’ is what we’d call a bum bag.

The popular shoe brand has teamed up with the Japanese fashion company ‘Beams’ to bring you the accessory that you never knew that you needed, or wanted, or even imagined.

If you think the idea of walking around wearing a pair of Crocs is perfectly acceptable and would also like to carry around your valuables in a tiny pouch on the back of them, you finally have that chance. The zip-up pockets on the back of your brand new ‘Beams x Crocs’ are big enough to hold your keys and your credit card.

Beams and Crocs have also teamed up to create a traditional Croc clog that has something that resembles a see-through visor on the top of it. When we say ‘something that resembles’, we, of course, mean it’s got a golf visor stuck onto the front of it.

If these two creations don’t float your boat, There is a third style.

For the truly adventurous folk out there, there is a moccasin-style Croc with a beaded fringe. If you absolutely need to wear your Crocs to that latest line-dancing lesson, or down to that big village hoedown that is penned into your calendar, how about these?

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