Did you know that last year (2013), there were 14 cyclist deaths in London? This year, Norman Foster an architect has revealed plans to build a network around London just for cyclists, just like the London Underground, good idea right?

Norman Foster has called this project ‘SkyCycle’. SkyCycle is expected to have up to 230 kilometers of cycle lanes, running in the same or similar routes as the city’s existing train lines.

A source* says; “construction of elevated decks would be much cheaper than building new roads and tunnels. These new routes would bring health benefits to London residents and it would be an efficient use of space”. Producers of this project think more car owners would cycle to work rather than drive, do you agree?

Not only is this a brilliant idea, but London residents are going to need some durable cycling footwear, right? How about some Skechers or Lacoste?

*Source: Dontpanic blog.

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