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Nov 11 2009

Rockin’ the Trends with Converse

Converse – classic footwear recognized all over the world.  Known to many as Chuck Taylor All-Stars, Converse All-Stars, Chucks, and Cons, these popular sneakers have a colourful history, much like the assortment of kicks you can find at Converse London.

More than just sneakers, Converse London mixes and matches with every colour imaginable to bring a rainbow of red, purple, yellow, black, green, orange, striped, khaki and multi-coloured.  That’s just a few of many.  If you can think it – Converse has it.

So where do you fit in the world of Chucks?  Are you a knee-high Chuck, a sequin Chuck, a leather, shiny or Rubik’s cube Chuck?

How do you make a shoe different from all others, especially if it’s basically the same design?  With unlimited possibilities and endless options for kids, such as Barbie or Dora the Explorer sneakers, why must adults and young people, at some point, give up their zest for colour and creativity, and turn to the drabs browns and beiges of the world?  This doesn’t have to be so!

With the vibrant music scene of London having its print on footwear, so should you.  Your favourite bands can be found on your favourite sneakers from Converse.  And it’s not confined to just London.  Australian and American bands can be found on your sneaks as well as your i-Pod.

Rocker icon, Ozzy Osbourne, was immortalized on a pair of Chucks in cartoon form.   Previously, Black Sabbath was also front stage on a pair of Chucks.  The English psychedelic band, Pink Floyd, find more popularity with Converse sneakers featuring the well-known cover of their hit album Dark Side of the Moon. Various AC/DC images can be seen on Chucks, with one particularly humorous, showing a somewhat crazed Angus Young and along the bottom side, a caption that reads “Lock up your daughters”.  America’s heavy metal band, Metallica, have numerous designs – some with just the band logo, others with the legendary flaming skull.

The most recent design to rock the Converse world is London Calling by The Clash.  Thirty years after the album was released and fans can still find The Clash etched on their soles, literally.  Other designs include a military style as well as the skull and crossbones logo.

So next time you’re shopping for something a little different, but not too different, check out Converse London and find out what kind of Chuck you are.

Nov 05 2009

FLY London: Classy, Comfy, Chic

London.  It’s a hot-spot for trendy new fashion.  Style starts here and the rest of the world follows soon after. So how do you stand apart from thousands of others?  Maybe it’s what you’re standing in that’s holding you back.

Shoes get you where you going.  From the subway to school to the office and back home again.  From the monumental moment of learning to tie your shoelaces as a child, you’re always in need of a good pair of shoes.  But does that mean you have to be dull?  Does that mean that you have to fall into a footwear fashion faux pas?  The answer is no, and here’s why.

FLY London takes footwear a step further.  Bringing cutting-edge fashion to feet around the world, these shoe experts like to walk on the wild side, with a contemporary, original and spicy shoe selection.  Slip into a pair of FLY London heels, to perfectly match with that black spaghetti strap dress you’ve been dying to wear.  Go casual in sandals, classy in clogs, or bossy in boots.  For every season there’s a style, and you can guarantee that with FLY London, your footprint won’t be lost in the flock.

Ladies, listen up!

For those who want to add height, but can’t stand in stilettoes, choose from a unique selection of wedged shoes.  A hot match with flowing skirts or wrap dresses, each and every pair is different from the rest.

Like brazen boots?  From purple suede to lace-up leather to black buckles, this collection puts boots in a whole other league.  No matter what you’re fashion flavour is, these boots were made for walking!

FLY London isn’t just for women.  The whole family can be decked out in fashionable footwear.  Gentlemen, these shoes are for you!  From square toe loafers to stylin’ sneakers to formal wear for feet, there’s a pair for every occasion.  Need new kicks for the kids?  FLY London has it covered with colours and designs suited for any child, even the most finicky.

Continually innovating and always inspiring, boring is not a word associated with FLY London.  Instead, one might think elegant, fashionable, eye-catching and original. With each new collection come exciting new trends that will have you walking on air and sitting pretty in shoe heaven.  Comfort, class and chic come together to form a one-of-a-kind shoe-tastic experience.