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Facts about Dr Martens

Everybody knows that Doc Martens are the most iconic boots in the entire world. They are comfort, style, and durability combined to form such a great boot. And it is because of this utilitarian and comfortable nature that the Dr. Martens boot has become a cultural symbol from the 60’s all the way to the 90’s. But for you to know these shoes better, here are some quick Dr. Martens facts:


They have been around for more than five decades

The first official Dr. Martens boots with the AirWair trademark was released back on April 1, 1960. Named after its release date, the 1460 is the first Doc Martens boot that was released after the patent was brought to England. Subsequent shoes never strayed too far off from the 1460’s design.


Invented by a real doctor named Klaus Martens after World War II

Doctor Klaus Martens was a real-life doctor that came up with the idea of inventing comfortable work boots after he got injured while wearing military shoes. The patent for the shoes was later bought some time in 1960 and was brought to England. The iconic yellow stitching was then added when the 1460 was released.


Developed for the working class

As Dr. Martens invented the shoes for working people to have a comfortable pair of boos they can use every day, the ordinary working class composed of young people would eventually take them up as their footwear of choice. This eventually brought about the Doc Martens’ reputation as boots closely connected with the rebellious youth moment of the 60’s, 70’s, and the 80’s.


The Who’s Pete Townshend made the boots more popular

During the 60’s, Pete Townshend of The Who once entered a store and saw a pair of boots that got his attention. He would eventually buy a pair and would wear them in one of his best performances. He would attribute this to how he felt the boots were best for his semi-athletic movements on the stage. Since then, fans would follow in his footsteps to make the Doc Martens boots more popular than they ever were.


Pope John Paul II had a pair of custom white Doc Martens

Even the Pope loved the Doc Martens and was not afraid to wear them to showcase his own sense of style. These custom white boots looked extremely fresh when worn by one of the holiest men on the planet.


Production would move to Asia after slow sales in the 2000’s but would re-open in England in 2004

Slow sales would force Doc Martens to move their production line to China and Thailand. The shoes produced in Asia do not have the iconic “made in England” stamp. However, in 2004, they would move back to England as handmade boots made to your specifications. They are the only ones made in England and are considered special and more expensive pairs.

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