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Festival Ready

Friends walking through a music festival site

It’s almost festival season. Therefore, it’s time to get festival ready. So what are you waiting for? Even if you won’t be attending a festival this season, the trends that it brings is worth preparing for.

Some key points to consider when packing your festival luggage are, a. Pack light, b. Remember, it could rain, c. Feel comfortable in what you wear. You don’t want to be wearing something that is perfect for a summer holiday if you’re going to be stood out in the rain. We all want to look stylish for a festival but it’s essential to be prepared.

A pair of Dr Martens 1460 boots or a pair of Timberland boots are the perfect choice of footwear! Not only are they easy to style but they’re comfortable to wear for longer periods. You could team these with a pair of calf high socks to keep you warm if the temperature isn’t going to be on the generous side. If you’re concerned about mud and rain, why not try a pair of Hunter wellies? You could style these with a pair of Hunter socks and a rainmac if you want to be uber prepared for the rain.

You can’t go wrong with a stylish playsuit at a festival. Why? Because you can apply layers should it get cold and you’ll still look great. This Brave Soul Rosie V Playsuit is available in these beautiful pastel stripes that give off those spring vibes. It will look great with a pair of calf socks and a pair of Dr Marten boots or a pair of Hunter wellies.

Hair half up, half down, in side buns = the classic festival hairstyle. Plan a few hairstyles that are quick, easy and effective. Scraping your hair back into side buns is not only on trend for the festival season, but it’s extra convenient because you won’t have to worry about hair in your face during your favourite performances.

Other hairstyles include French Braids, messy buns and a standard messy ponytail.

Perhaps you want to accessorise your outfit? A pair of your favourite sunglasses are an absolute must! Not only will they keep the sun out of your eyes, but it means you can go make-up less. That’s one less thing to pack. Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for any festival outfit. A Cowboy or Panama hat is also a good accessory to have and we love to style one of these with French braids for the perfect festival attire.

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