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Fun Facts About Footwear

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What better way to spend the day than reading some strange facts about shoes? Hmm. Well, we’ve got some cool, interesting facts that you may not know.

  1. In the late 1800’s (according to The New York Times), people began using the term ‘sneakers’ because the rubber sole would allow you to ‘sneak’ around without making a sound.
  2. Britain were the first to establish a means to measure shoe size. In fact, King Edward II declared barleycorn as the basis to measure shoes. He said that the lengths of 3 barleycorns were the equivalent to 1 inch and this is how people would measure their feet.
  3. MEN WERE THE FIRST TO WEAR HEELS (say whatttt?!) – Heels signified a high social standing rather than gender for centuries. Men would also wear heels when riding horses so that their boot would sit in their stirrups.
  4. The average number of heels women own in the US is 19 pairs!
  5. The most expensive pair of shoes ever sold were Dorothy’s iconic ruby red slippers from The Wizard of Oz. They sold for $660,000. They sold at auction in the year 2000.
  6. For ages left and right footed shoes didn’t exist. The first right and left-footed shoes were introduced in Philadelphia.
  7. The first lady’s boot was produced for Queen Victoria in 1840.
  8. Did you know, Jimmy Choo was only 11 when he constructed his first pair of shoes? … He knew what he wanted to do in life, right?!

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