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Fun facts about shopping

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Here are some interesting facts about Britain’s retail landmarks and quirky spending habits that you probably didn’t already know.

  1. 27 tubs of Marmite are sold every minute!
  2. Almost 80% of the population enjoys drinking tea and 165m cups of tea are drunk each day. The tea of choice with the British royal family is Earl Grey.
  3. Hamleys opened its store in London’s Regent Street back in 1881 and it now has over 5 million visitors each year!
  4. Oxford Street in London is the longest high street in Europe with over 67 flagship stores.
  5. Cadburys is the most popular brand of chocolate.
  6. Fortnum & Mason is the oldest store in London. It was the first shop to sell Heinz Baked Beans which is now considered a British staple.
  7. Selfridges is the largest shoe department in the entire world! They stock more than 100,000 pairs of shoes at any time and they sell more than 7,000 pairs of shoes each week.
  8. Shopping centres/malls are designed to make people lose track of time. There are no clocks or windows to help prevent views from the outside world.
  9. The first product ever to be sold by mail order was a Welsh flannel.
  10. You used to be able to buy divorce papers from a vending machine in Corinne, Utah for $2.50.
  11. Escalators in shopping centres are placed in a way to ensure that shoppers pass as many stores as possible.

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