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Grab Yourself A Pair Of Heelys

Why Walk?

Skating is considered an extreme sport, although to skaters it is often seen as just a hobby or just a means of transport. However, many people find it quite exhausting to wear the classic inline skates, as you still need to carry your shoes.

If you love skating, but want to avoid using classic skates because they’re really not practical, then you need to get a pair of Heelys!

What are Heelys?

Heelys is a brand that produces a two-in-one shoe with removable wheels!

The shoes come with one or more removable wheels that are embedded in the soles. They are quite similar to inline skates, yet they are more practical, as you can easily shift their weight to their heels. Many people love wearing Heelys on a daily basis, without even using their wheels.

In comparison to Rollerblades, Heelys feature an unconventional style. The shoe easily shifts from walking to skating, so the wearer doesn’t need to change roller skates with shoes. These shoes also feature plenty of movement manoeuvres, which gives the wearer a unique feeling.

Have fun making tricks with Heelys

Heelys are perfect for lots of fun after a hard day at school or work. Once you’ve got the hang of skating with Heelys you can also perform various tricks. Some of the tricks that can be done with a pair of Heelys include spins, backward skating, and skating on one foot.

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