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Hey Dudes Womens Summer Range Has Arrived!

Put your winter shoes into hibernation and get ready for your next adventure with Hey Dude’s new Spring/Summer 2019 range!

The Misty is a cool and carefree slip-on, perfect for those days when socks and laces will only get in the way. The Misty is a moccasin style slip-on with Dude sole technology featuring a wide fit to make this style a comfortable option for all-day wear. The elastic band under the tongue fits comfortably to the shape of your foot whilst still giving you the feel of a the wide fitting shoe which also includes the support of ankle cups.

The Misty Chambray (available in Navy and Beige) includes a breathable lining and smart chambray upper for a sleek, more smart finish to keep you on your toes.

The Wendy Chambray features a clean subtle sheen finish allowing for a smarter look. With a breathable lining and a light chambray upper, the Wendy will keep you on your toes and support your feet for your everyday needs. As ever, this style is also supplied with elasticated laces to offer you the choice between the classic look or the woven lace design.

The Wendy Washed features a stone-washed upper, making the canvas softer and giving it a relaxed wide ‘worn’ look which is exaggerated with wear and after washing.

Designed from the ever popular Farty shoe, the Ava Ibiza (Blue and Red) and Ava Chambray (Rose and Grey) differ due to their smartened seaming giving them a more conservative look. With a relaxed wide fit, cushioning, flexibility and elastic panels in the heel, this style converts into a kick-on, easy-wear mule.

Hey Dude shoes are the perfect companion for your travels if you’re jetting off to somewhere a bit warm this summer 🌴 ☀️ Lightweight and super comfy, make sure you’re taking it easy on your next adventure!

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