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How to find out if your Dr Martens are fake

Since the 1960’s, the Doc Martens have been known to be the world’s most iconic boots. They have become a big part of youth movement culture as well as of fashion. Known for their style, comfort, and durability, the Doc Martens are arguably the best of its kind anywhere else in the world.

However, it is because of how iconic and popular Doc Martens are that led other manufacturers to copy and counterfeit these boots. Sold at cheaper and even for the same prices, fake Doc Martens boots may look like the real ones but are anything but close to what the authentic boots are in terms of overall comfort and quality. To make sure you won’t get fooled into buying fake Doc Martens, here are some simple steps you can follow:

Check the shoe box

New Doc Martens boots almost always come in a sturdy shoebox that is hard to copy. The box would always have the brand’s logo on the lid and on the side of the box. Always check the quality of the box to see if it is well-made and if the font and logos are carefully placed and printed.

You should also make sure that the shoe box labels, which detail the size, style, and colour, are the same as the actual shoes in the box. Always check if the serial numbers match the ones that are inside the shoes.

Check the shoe label and inspection sticker

The label inside the shoes should match the description and the serial number on the box. Everything should match and correspond. The colour, size, description, and style should all be the same. Also, check the shoes if there is an inspection sticker. New pairs should almost always have one.

Look at the insoles

Authentic Doc Martens insoles would have the brand name and the logo. Old ones would have the word ‘Originals’ and ‘Made in England’ if they were manufactured in England. Meanwhile, the ones that were made in Asia won’t have any of those and would instead feature the words ‘Air Cushioned Sole’ or ‘Bouncing Soles’.

Check the outsoles for the finer details and trademarks

The outsoles of newer Doc Martens boots would have brand markings that are uniquely trademarked by the brand. The edges of the embossing on the outsoles should be clean. Fake ones would most likely have rugged embossing that isn’t clearly made.

Real Dr Martens boots would always have the iconic yellow stitching on the outsoles. This is a trademarked feature of the brand. Also, check if the stitching around the sole is carefully and cleanly finished. They should always be of the highest quality and should be neat, straight, and tight.

There should be spare laces

Finally, authentic Doc Martens should always come with spare laces in a small plastic bag in the shoe box. Fake ones would never come with spare laces. The purpose is to replace the old laces with authentic ones as one of the features of Dr Martens is that the shoes last a lifetime. The entire shoe might live on for decades but we all know that laces won’t last as long as the leather. Since the company knows this, they will provide the buyer with spare laces that would make your old Doc Martens look new again.

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