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How To Pair Trainers With Your Outfit

There was a time when trainers were only meant for track and field events. However, nowadays, trainers are an important part of any wardrobe. There is a wide selection of brands and silhouettes, so you can dress for almost any occasion with a pair of trainers. All it needs is to know how to match the different styles with your clothes.

So, here are some ideas to help you match trainers with your outfit.

Keep it simple

You need to avoid wearing trainers with business outfits. You can wear retro kicks with casual outfits and minimal trainers with smart casual outfits. If you’re not wearing an all-black outfit, you should match your attire with your shoes using complementary colours for a good balance.

Match your trainers with the right trousers

You might have the perfect pair of trousers, but you won’t look fabulous if you get the wrong pair of trainers. The most important thing to get the right match is to look out for the cuff width.

A cuff that sits too wide over the trainers covers them too much and it is vice versa with narrow cuffs. Therefore, you should try to get the right balance between trouser cuff width and the size of your trainers. For example, you can successfully match straight leg trousers with chunky trainers and slim fit trousers with trainers that hug your fit. If you want to show off your trainers, you can pin roll your trousers to achieve a maximum effect.

Be careful about the socks

It is easy to make or break an outfit with your socks. To avoid ruining your look, it is important to know the good combinations of socks. Tennis shoes look great with ankle socks and pin rolled trousers. trainer boots are a good match with thick knitted socks in the cold season. If you’re rocking skate shoes, you can match them with a multicoloured or a wild pair of socks.

Get the right balance

If you want to attract the attention to your trainers, you need to get a perfect balance. For this, you should match simple colours and patterns, no print or garish logos with regular items like jeans, shirts, and jumpers.

How to wear lifestyle runners

Lifestyle runners are usually designed with athletic features in mind, so you can work in some sporting attire to achieve a great effect. You don’t need to go for a full-body tracksuit completed with a six-panel cap, as you can easily achieve the desired look with some distressed denim, a stylish coat and a cosy hoodie to match with your favourite lifestyle runners.

Know when to keep it casual

Although minimal trainers are easy to match with various outfits, high-tops are a better match with a casual outfit. However, this doesn’t mean you should always match them with ripped jeans and hoodies. High-top trainers are a great match with jeans, shirts, flannels, and jackets. You can also match them with quality knits and chinos.

Don’t go too casual

Although you might love the comfort that trainers offer you, it is important to keep in mind that trainers are not dressy shoes. This means that you can’t truly replace dress shoes with trainers.

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