How To Wear High Heels

Do you love high heels so much you’d wear them with anything?

Do you feel like you can conquer the world in your favourite pair of heels?

No matter how good you feel when wearing high heels, you should know that there are some clothes that aren’t quite a good match with high heels.

It is true that a pair of heels can give you a fantastic look, an impressive effect of a woman who knows exactly what she wants. Of course, this only happens as long as you wear them in the right way. You probably know that heels go perfect with a skirt or a dress, but there are also various other outfits that you can complete with a pair of high heels. And then there are some combinations that you should never make.

Today, we’ll show you some heel-outfit combinations that you should avoid at all costs.

Don’t match stilettos with jean shorts

You might be tempted to create this combination, thinking that it will help promote your beautiful legs. It is true that it would put your legs in the limelight however, it really isn’t a good look. Instead of a pair of stilettos, you can complete your outfit with flat sandals or even low-profile sneakers. However, if you want or need to add some height, you should better go on with beachy wedges and a loose-fitting top.

A miniskirt with platform pumps is definitely a no!

You probably know that short skirts tend to fit snug. Wearing pumped-up calves with a miniskirt brings you to the risk of rolling an ankle and this wouldn’t lead to anything good, as you can probably imagine.

Flared pants and peep-toes – not a good choice!

When you match a pair of trousers with wide leg openings with a pair of heels, you will get a leg-lengthening effect. However, this depends on extending the line. For example, you can wear strappy wedges and platform sandals with flared pants, as they have a similar weight to the hemline. But you definitely don’t want to match your flared pants with a delicate peep-toe, as you won’t love the visual effect that they create together.

Never wear heels with leggings or sweatpants.

High heels are perfect for special occasions or club, while leggings and sweatpants clearly say “gym”. So, this is definitely a combination that you should avoid, as it will never look awesome.

Don’t match your summery sandals with a pencil skirt.

Exactly as in the above-mentioned example, these two items are simply from different worlds. While a pencil skirt is a piece of a business professional’s wardrobe, the summery sandals say “summer, sun, sea”. It is not quite difficult to imagine why they don’t do a great pair together.

So, as you can see, there are some combinations that you should avoid.

Follow these rules and you’ll look amazing all the time, no matter the occasion.

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