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How You Should Wear Your Timberlands

If you have no clue how to wear Timberlands, this is the best place to start. It’s very easy to get the style wrong with a pair of pants that are too baggy or wearing an outfit that’s too over the top with them. While there are tons of ways to rock your Timberlands, we’re here to give you the best ways to pull off a pair of Timberlands and help you care for them too. This is How you Should Wear Timberland Boots.

It’s common knowledge that Timberlands look better when they’re not tied tightly around your foot, but rather worn loosely. Does this result in you falling out of your Timberlands with every step? No. But it doesn’t mean that your boots should be choking your ankles either.

The classic six-inch Timberlands come with seven holes (the ones you run the laces through) on both sides of the boot. If you’re going for a loosely laced boot, undo the standard lacing, and re-lace; taking care to skip every other hole. This also means stopping before the top hole. There’s no required rule, however, so if you find this is either too tight or too loose, add or unlace holes accordingly.

For a modern styling (it’s 2018), the best type of pants to wear is going to be tapered. Whether you’re rocking tech fleece or skinny denim, you want something that’s going to stack, or at the very least, fall inside the collar of the boot.

We’re not saying that tapered pants are the only way to rock the boots, but Timberlands are meant to be shown—not covered by huge bootcut jeans.

Skinny Pants

We are aware that some guys just aren’t down to let their denim (or other trousers) stack up on the collar of their boots. In the case of cuffing your bottoms, but: if the cuff is bigger than the collar of the boot itself, then try a different pant.

The Sizing

Not speaking for everyone, but we advise that you cop your Timberlands at least one size below your regular shoe size. This is especially true if you want to rock the loose lace style. If you’re torn on where you’d fall on the Timberland size chart, or you’re the type of guy whose size fluctuates wildly between brands, size down, you won’t regret it.

Great for All Seasons

Yes, Timberlands can be worn all year—if you’re working in an environment that is suitable for it. We understand that guys want to, and will, wear their Timberlands all year round. That’s not necessarily a bad choice. But, trying to make a pair of Timberlands on an 80-degree day look good? With shorts on? It might not be the best decision. While it all depends on how sunny it wants to be, by early to mid-May, your Timberlands should be hitting the offseason.

They will take care of you if you take care of them

Like any pair of leather footwear, you have to look after the leather if you want the boots to come out of winter looking the way they did at the beginning. Timberland claims the boots are waterproof, and in a way they’re right. But when they say “waterproof,” they mean that your foot will stay dry, and that water won’t enter the boot—not that the leather is actually going to repel water externally. Unless it’s specifically stated, you should foresee that a lack of leather treatment will leave your boots looking less stylish.

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