Have you seen this years John Lewis advert? We know Christmas is near when it starts to play on our TV screens during the ad breaks… The countdown to Christmas begins! #BusterTheBoxer

There has been some controversy over the video though, with The Guardian stating that Buster the boxer is Donald Trump, Bridget (the little girl in the video) is Hilary Clinton and the trampoline symbolises America. In The Guardian’s recent article they said, ‘Finally, Bridget is given her big shot. Someone has assembled the trampoline of her dreams in her back garden. On Christmas morning, Bridget wakes up and sees the thing she’s always longed for. She races downstairs. She has a clear shot at the trampoline. But then, at the last moment, Buster barges in ahead of her and grabs the trampoline for himself. Bridget stands on, astonished that something as stupid as a dog could have beaten her to it. Meanwhile, Buster gets his stupid dog mouth and his stupid dog parasites all over the trampoline, ruining it for anyone who ever wanted to use it afterwards.

That’s right, Buster the dog is Donald Trump. Buster the dog is Donald Trump, Bridget is Hillary Clinton and the trampoline is America. Thanks for rubbing it in, John Lewis.’

We’re now watching this video in a completely different light. Will we ever be able to watch this video and get the same feelings John Lewis had intended us to feel? We simply do not know.

Video credit: John Lewis #BusterTheBoxer Christmas advert 2016

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