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Nike – The Marketing Genius

There is no doubt that Nike has been at the top of its game.


Aside from owning 48% of the American athletic footwear market, Nike owns 96% of the basketball footwear market.


But what exactly did Nike do and what kind of marketing strategy did the company use to achieve and maintain such dominance in the market?


While the high-profile celebrity and superstar endorsement certainly played a role, Nike’s dominance is a result of more than just using athletes, actors, and artists to market their products.


Meaningful story – They’re selling more than a product; they’re selling aspiration

Nike’s dominance did not simply come from fans that harped on its iconic waffle shoes.

In fact, Nike hardly even has to mention their products in their ads.

Instead, their ads use ’emotional branding’ to induce emotion in the consumer. They carefully craft each ad to make sure that the feelings and emotions evoked in their consumers can only be satisfied by Nike products.

Nike does so by using the traditional narrative of a hero that had to work harder than anyone else to overcome adversity. In the end, he ultimately emerges victorious.

However, Nike doesn’t use the traditional foe or rival as the hero’s opponent. Instead, it’s a simple voice in his head that tells him ” You can’t”. This was how the company came up with the “Just do it” slogan that made Nike so popular.


They earn word-of-mouth by creating compelling ‘Watercooler Moments’

It is extra important to have consumers talking about your brand.

Not only does this allow you to reach customers that haven’t heard of you but it also keeps you on top of your customers’ minds.

To this end, Nike creates ‘watercooler moments’, which are experiences that people would talk about for endlessly because of how memorable or exciting they are.

When it comes to those moments, it is simply Nike that excels at it.


Unique, Exciting Things – Nike Phenomenal Shot

Back in the FIFA 2014 World Cup, Nike formed a partnership with Google, a fellow giant, to create what they call ‘Nike Phenomenal Shot’.

The ‘Nike Phenomenal Shot’ displayed ads whenever a Nike athlete would score a goal. In the same way, fans could also personalize the shots by rotating the players around in 3D and framing them with fillers, captions, and stickers for them to share on social media.

During the entire World Cup, an amazing number of half a million “Phenomenal Moments” was created. What was even more amazing was the number of audiences that each of those subsequent moments could reach after every share.


Original YouTube series Margot vs. Lily received over 80,000,000 views

Back in 2016, Nike started a YouTube series that complemented the brand’s marketing efforts.

Named after two titular sisters, Margot vs. Lily features different Nike merchandise that includes shoes, workout gear, and Nike+ technology. The series also asks the viewers and subscribers to go to the #BetterforIt website. That Nike website contains more detailed content for potential customers that are interested in making a long jump in their journey towards better fitness. However, the fun is actually fun to watch as it is more than just a glorified Nike ad. The series has reached over 80 million viewers, which has led to an increase in Nike+ Run and Training Club downloads. Existing members have also increased their activity and purchases because of the YouTube series.

Aside from making great trainers, Nike has also shown that you yourself can also be unique in your marketing efforts. And if you shop today, we can offer you a vast selection of Nike trainers.

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