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Skate in Style with etnies:

Do you love skateboarding? It is a very good pastime besides serving as an effective means for the youth that can get them around. What you need is a proper pair of shoes that could go with skateboarding. With Etnies skate shoes you need not worry at all though some non-skaters also like to wear them. These shoes have a flat sole made of rubber or polyurethane, double or triple stitching and a suede or composition leather. Special features have been integrated into skate shoes by companies that ensure better grip, increased flexibility resulting in optimum “skateboard feel” and prevention of heel bruises.

Though Etnies makes footwear primarily for skateboarding, but the company has also ventured into creating clothing and shoes for motocross riders, surfers, BMX and snowboarders as well. Plastic underlying the toe cap, action leather and Super suede help increase the durability of a skate shoe. Protectors and lace loops shield the most common areas that are in contact with grip tape thus preventing laces from shredding. Some of the other features are triple stitching with thicker treads to curb ripping, sides to compensate, more width thus facilitating greater contact with the board with thicker tongues, deep sole patterns for grip and sides to compensate.

Etnies was created in France in 1986 initially with the original name of Etnics. Legal issues later on compelled the owners to name it Etnies. It was marketed in 1989 in the United States as etnies, U.S.A. by Pierre-André Sénizergues. Etnies has a broader variety of shoes under it and not just skate shoes which are available under the brands éS Footwear and Emerica. Etnies Girl is a line for girls and women while designing shoes for toddlers also fall under the Etnies umbrella. Some other apparel offered by Etnies are T-shirts, hats, beanies, jackets, sweatshirts, short pants and other accessories.

Why don’t you treat yourself with Etnies range of skate shoes and other apparel collection? You would simply love them!