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Some of the best Xbox games to get your hands on…

Gothenburg, Sweden - September 17, 2016: A close up shot from above of a tattooed young woman's hands holding a black Xbox One controller as she is playing a video game.

If you’ve got an Xbox One or even better, if you’ve upgraded to the Xbox One S then one thing is for sure, you’ll be wanting to ply the BEST games.

Forza Horizon 3

Love car racing? You’ll absolutely love the latest Forza Horizon game (Horizon 3). Located on brand new terrain in Australia where you’ll experience sand, streets, fields and mud.

The graphics are spectacular and even more so if you’re to experience the game on the Xbox One S. The quantity of events and objectives has increased and you’ll have a blast throughout the whole game.


Is a great multiplayer game that shows no sign of slowing down. They continually tweaking this game by introducing new hero additions and there are some big eSports plans on the horizon. Now is the time to jump on the wagon!

It’s full of colourful effects with a cartoonish look. This game delivers some of the most intense combat that is available today as well as team-based battles.

Quantum Break

This game offers a one-of-a-kind action experience and is built around the lead’s ability to manipulate time. It features live-action TV episodes within the game which helps give it a totally unique feel.

Rocket League

A silly fun game. This game is similar to FIFA, however, instead of human players, each team is made up of jet-powered cars. These cars can flip, fly and do somersaults to help get the ball into the goal.

You’ll have lots of fun zipping around the stadium with your teammates working together to try and score as many goals as you can.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 may lack in graphical sheen, however, it makes up for it in every other aspect. The latest entry of Fallout drops you into a post-apocalyptic Boston where you explore the wasteland, taking on some exciting new quests. You will spend hours building your own weapons and fortresses. The scale of this game is absolutely incredible and so if the fun that is brings.

Grand Theft Auto V

This game has been upgraded to the latest Xbox and there are many reasons why you should continue playing it. It is one of the greatest games ever introduced, it looks even better than it did before and it has a new FPS mode.

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