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How to take care of your Converse Chuck Taylors

Converse Chuck Taylors are one of the most versatile and most popular shoes in history. A lot of different people from all walks of life have come to love the shoes. But the problem with them is that they tend to attract dirt. Dirt must love the shoes as much as we do. Nevertheless, here are some ways to take care of your Converse Chuck Taylors to make sure they don’t get too dirty so often:

Don’t always wear the same pair

You must have a pair of Chucks you love wearing. However, don’t wear that pair too often if you don’t want them getting dirty and worn out. Use them twice a week and never in a row.


Never forget to clean your Chucks

Don’t wait until the dirt sets into the canvas. Clean your Chucks as soon as possible. There are plenty of cleaning techniques such as using a washing machine, a cleaning solution, or a homemade mixture of detergent. You can even use a toothpaste! Do what it takes to clean your shoes but make sure to never use bleach because it tends to fade the colour of the shoe away. After that, let them dry out in the air before wearing them again. Make sure you clean the shoes with the laces off so that you can get near the lace holes and the tongue


Dry them out when they get wet

There are just those days when we can’t avoid our Chuck Taylors from getting wet because of rain or through some unfortunate means. If they do get wet, just leave them out to dry. Don’t ever wear them unless they have dried off completely because this will tend to damage them. Wearing them while wet will also cause them to stink. Just dry your Chucks indoors in a warm area and never use a machine dryer.

Take your Chuck Taylors to a repair shop

If, for some reason, your Converse Chuck Taylors get damaged and you can’t repair them back at home, never hesitate to bring them to an expert. A good shoe repair shop can do what it can to make the shoes whole again. They can replace the taps on the shoes and may even resole them if the soles get too worn down because of overuse. Bringing them to a repair shop is a lot cheaper than having to buy new Chucks again.


Use a shoe tree when storing them

If you want to retain the original shape of your Chucks and to prevent them from getting flat, use a shoe tree. An alternative to this is to use old newspapers. Crumple the newspapers into a ball and stuff them into the toe of the shoes to make sure that your Chuck Taylors retain their original shape.

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