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Teddy boy creepers re-invented

Fashion creepers on the path of redemption

Creepers originally seen on the feet of the Teddy Boys, the origin of the 50’s Rockabilly trends and this year they have been seen to be reinvented into the 21st century.

Teddy Boy fashion was born in London in the 1950’s spreading across the UK and soon became strongly associated with the American rock ‘n’ roll. Favoured footwear included; highly polished Oxfords, chunky brogues, and crepe-soled shoes, often suede (known as brothel creepers).

Creepers were the beginning of rock and roll and even made it through to the Gothic era, suddenly everyone started to intergrate them into their own fashion.

Now Teddy Boy fashion was never ‘just’ for the boys, but the girls embraced the new fashion crave and re-created the female version of freedom and rebelliousness fashion in their lives, but obviously in a more girly way. High waisted pegged trousers, oversized jackets and their love of bouffant hairstyles these were known at the Teddy ‘Girls’


  • Eileen Kresil

    Love these shoes but would love to know where to purchase the mens ones

  • bob rhoades

    i would like to purchase a pair of teddy boy creepers i light blue, size 12