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The History of Converse All Stars

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker has been around since 1917 and still lives strong to this day. There hasn’t been a lot of design changes since then as the shoe has survived the test of time. But as popular as the Chucks may be, not a lot of people know a thing or two about them. Here are some quick facts to enlighten your minds:


The Converse All Star was originally designed as an athletic shoe

Converse Rubber Company was still an upstart business back then looking to make money out of athletic shoes. It would invest big in basketball by designing the All Star sneakers, which debuted back in 1917. While basketball wasn’t really very popular back then, Converse survived and most NBA players would wear the Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers back in 1949 in the league’s debut season.


Converse started with rain boots

Before they invested on the young sport of basketball, Converse actually started rain boots back in 1908. But because they saw a market that could potentially grow big, Converse invested in basketball and would create the world’s first wide-scale basketball sneakers.

The Chucks haven’t gone a major design change since it was released

The colours, materials, and the performance of the Converse Chuck Taylors might have changed but the overall design never truly departed from the first shoe that was released back in 1917. They would try to improve certain aspects such as materials and comfort but the essence stayed the same even as Converse has released the Chuck II, which is the first real update the shoe has seen in a hundred years.


Chuck Taylor is a basketball player and a salesman

He may be famous for being on the Converse All Star sneakers but Chuck Taylor made his name back then by playing basketball. After a good high school career, he would transition to a life as a shoe salesman for Converse. He went around America conducting basketball clinics and selling Converse shoes. Taylor was so successful at it that Converse decided to put his name on the shoe. The rest was history.

Converse never intended the shoe to be a lifestyle footwear

Converse originally designed the All-Stars as an athletic footwear that basketball players adapted well until the 60’s and 70’s. But as other companies were innovating athletic shoe technology, Converse lagged behind in that department but still managed to keep itself going when other subcultures such as punks, skaters, and the everyday youth decided to adopt the sneakers as their own. It has now become more of a lifestyle footwear than an athletic shoe.

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