The delightful taste of a Toblerone bar is something that just about everyone enjoys. When you are going on holiday, passing through the Duty Free shop just to buy a Toberlone bar is an absolute must.

It is absolutely devastating to hear that Toblerone have made the decision to reduce the amount of chocolate in their bars. So what used to be either a 400g or a 170g bar are now either a 360g bar or a 150g bar.. AND you can physically see the reduction in chocolate! There really are less triangles to break off – it’s heartbreaking news. For a bar that used to have 11 triangles now only has 9, yes 9! You can actually see the gap between each triangle.

Toberlone have posted on their social media pages to say that the reduction in chocolate was to keep costs down. There is still no denying that their chocolate is one of the most delicious ever yet we can’t help but feel a little gutted by this.

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