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The Season of Spots and Stripes

Spots and Stripes

This is the season of Spots and Stripes. Everyone is wearing them, you see all your friends, celebrities, royalty in spots and stripes but have you noticed? We have at tReds, that’s why we have a range of selected items that are either Spotty, or Stripey. To help our customers get into the trend from subtle spots to spectacular stripes.

Kick up your heels in spots or stripes and JOIN THE TREND. Spots vs. Stripes, the debate that never fails to end. Thousands of fashion fanatics can’t ever decide, what’s your opinion? If you don’t know yet buy one or the other and tell us. Both styles look fabulous with the new spring colours, afraid of not keeping up to date with fashion, just one spot or one stripe will put you back at the top.