There have been a number of celebrity deaths this year. It feels like there have been more celebrity deaths in one year than there ever have been, but don’t worry, 2016 isn’t a freak year. We’ve just reached a sweet spot for ubiquity of celebrities dying, and unfortunately, this isn’t going to end now…. not ever!

We’ve been trying to work it out and we think we may have sussed it. The world of celebrity began around about 1960, but it really took off in 1970. People became famous between the ages of 18-35 and the current life expectancy is 72. Therefore, if you were 18 in 1970 you’d have been born in 1952. If you were 35 in 1970 you’d have been born in 1935.

Therefore, the first ‘bulk’ of famous people are now aged between 64-81 which is an average of 72.5, so these celebrities have reached a plateu in the statistical likelihood of famous people dying. And that’s not going to go away until about 40-60 years after we stop making people famous. We will never stop making famous people and so we will now have lots of celebrities dying every year and it will never stop.  You can thank us later!

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