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The Vans Guide

What are Vans made of?

Vans are made with a vulcanized rubber outsole which is assembled to the upper. The upper parts of Vans shoes are made from heat-resistant materials like suede, leather, and cotton canvas with metal hardware.

Are Vans unisex?

Vans are definitely unisex. When first designed they were sported by male skateboarders, but in the years since these shoes have become a style for men and women.

How to clean Vans?

Vans are relatively easy to keep clean if you take proper care of them from the beginning. We always suggest a shoe protector spray when buying new trainers, as they can help to repel dirt and liquids which cause stains. Whitening detergents can also be used to breathe new life into the white rubber soles of your shoes, and if you are going to clean the upper fabric, we recommend a gentle wipe with soap and water.

Are Vans true to size?

Certain styles may come out smaller and run a little tighter.

When buying a new style of shoe, we would suggest visiting a store where you can try on your chosen style of Vans. If you do not have a local tReds store we would recommend wearing your new shoes around the house to see how they feel on.

Can you put Vans in the washing machine?

We never want your trainers to be at risk, therefore we would not recommend placing them in a washing machine. You’ll come across many companies on the internet who claim that you can machine-wash your Vans. So it would be at your own risk if you wash them in a washing machine.

Good old soap and water will always be our first recommendation.



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