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This seasons new in..

With spring upon us and more warm weather (hopefully) on its way, it really is time for all of us to be considering our spring/summer footwear this is the time for a wardrobe change. This seasons new in’s are gleaming this year! hundreds of new stock to get you in gear for the Spring and leading up to the summer. Not only will you look great with your new shoes but to feel great, well…. That’s a bonus. Treat your feet and take a peek at all of our newest stock especially for this season. The celebs are doing it with Vans, Skechers, Converse , TOMS and more. . The economy may not have re-covered yet but fashion has. tReds has plenty for us to look forward to with the dozens of festivals, carnivals, concerts and fates wouldn’t want to let your friends down and arrive in run down old shoes…. Show off your new sneakers, plimsoles, hi-tops, pumps, heels and even flip-flops. The colours this year have definately reached it’s most extravagant with bright colours, stripes and spots, these are almost guarunteed to let out some ooohs and aahhhs.


What’s the biggest male trend this season?

Also I don’t know if anyones noticed but CHINO’s are everywhere! Right at the top of the fashion crave this year, if you own a pair or are thinking or getting a pair the perfect shoes to wear with Chino’s we think are definately Vans. Do some research because we’ve done ours, stars like Aston Merrigold and One Direction are pimping out the fashion crave with their very own Chino’s worn with Vans. Not only do Chinos go with Vans but another popular choice is the Etnies range. From thick tongue to Hi-Tops any sort of style would contrast with Chino’s perfectly.

Ladies, what to where?

Bit of fashion advice for the ladies rise to the top this season with the latest trend of Wedged sandals. These will take you from the beach to the restaurant with ease. Dress them up or down and look effortlessly stylish. Ever so popular brands like Fly, Skechers, and Sugar have a range of wedged sandals that are known to sell out fast so don’t delay… The best thing about wedged sandals are that they are soooo comfortable, they last for years to come and they are the ultimate class for both dressy evenings or casual days.