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We’ve Got Some Great Costume Ideas For Halloween??

Halloween is just around the corner and excitement levels are rising here at tReds.

It’s definitely one of our favourite holidays. And of course, we’re planning our costumes around our shoes. We’ve got some great costume ideas from popular films and tv shows. You’re going to love them!

First up…. How about Eleven from Stranger Things, You’ll need a pair of white Converse hi-tops, Pair them with a blonde wig, a pretty pink dress, a navy bomber and some sports tube socks and you’ve nailed it.






Ok let’s be honest, Is there a more iconic best friend duo than Cher and Dionne from Clueless? We’re totally crushing on Dionne Davenport who is arguably one of the most iconic teen characters of all time. So grab a checked skirt and your patent brogues and you’re ready to strut your stuff!








If you can’t be a superhero at Halloween when else can you get away with wearing a skin-tight bodysuit? You’ve probably already got a pair of trusty Timberland boots, so put them to use and Kick-Ass this Halloween.







The Purge was released in 2013 and since then it’s become a classic and one of the most popular Halloween costumes. It takes literally no time at all to put together! So grab a pair of Converse, a white baggy top and then all you’ll need is a purge mask!







Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice….say it three times and he is sure to appear. Appear at any party as the character from the 1988 film and you are sure to be a scary hit. All you need is a striped suit and a pair of black biker boots.







Are you big on your comic books or going to a super-villain fancy dress party? Why not recreate the iconic evil villain and become the Joker, Grab your Harley Quinn and you’ll be the evilest duo around!! All you need is a long purple jacket, black shoes and a Joker clown mask.








Psst… if you haven’t realised we’ve got all the shoes you need to complete these outfits.

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