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What your converse shoe colour says about you!

If you think about it, everybody wears Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars all the time. It has become one of the world’s shoe icons after it evolved from being a basketball sneaker. Seen as shoes that were once used on the hardwood floor, the Chucks have become synonymous with all-around streetwear. From athletic, it has become casual and cool. And because Chucks are so versatile, they virtually go well with anything you wear.

Once limited in terms of designs, the Chuck Taylors have become so fashionable that they now come in different colours and even patterns. Michelle Obama was once seen wearing a pair of glittery Chucks. Even neon colours and different shades of white now have become fashionable when it comes to the Chuck Taylor. But choosing the colour of your Chucks nowadays have become essentially the same as choosing what kind of dress you would be wearing for your prom. It says a lot about yourself and how you would like people to perceive your sense of fashion. But what exactly does the colour of your Chuck say about you?


As classic as this colour is, it also speaks so much about how you are into classics, first editions, and originals. It might also say that you like sticking to what you are used to and what is tried and tested. You may look a little bland in black chucks but they look good in anything. You can basically style yourself up like a rock star or as a simple person walking down the street. You can even shake things up by drawing your own pattern and designs on your black chucks.


Nothing says more about how you like danger and you don’t care about its consequences than a good pair of red Chuck Taylors. This pair will make you look and feel comfortable wherever you go. You can even power walk your way in style while wearing a pair of red Chucks. Just make sure you don’t overdo it.


You like weird aesthetics, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. More milky than white, these Converse Chucks have become so popular because of how they aren’t too monochromatic. They have white soles and a yellowish white body. They may look weird and bad at times but they can be so good to wear if you pull them off in style.


Pink Chuck Taylors say everything about how you want to transition yourself from being “one of the boys that like to wear Chucks” to a cute girl that can still pull off a good pair off Converse sneakers. The good thing about pink Chucks is that you can still feel like your old boyish self while staying cute and girly at the same time without having to try too much. This isn’t high school anymore and you are trying to make the world see the girly side of you without having to sacrifice too much of your true self.

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