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If you’re looking for a brand of shoes that is all-encompassing, that can fill your wardrobe with just about any kind of shoe, then Blowfish Malibu could be the one for you. Whilst some shoe companies focus on one or two types of footwear, Blowfish Malibu has all bases covered and offer just about any kind of shoe you could think of.

From ankle boots and dolly shoes to gladiator sandals and high heels, there’s something for pretty much anyone. This is perfect if you have an eclectic wardrobe and need several different styles of shoes (that’s everyone, right?). They also come in a variety of colours and designs, meaning no matter what outfit you’re wearing, you’ll have something to wear on your feet too.

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Blowfish Malibu

Blowfish was born after two famed footwear executives decided to combine their business to create a unique brand of shoes. They had a simple goal: they desired to make quality fashionable shoes and sell them at affordable prices. You might ask what makes Blowfish shoes different than any other shoes on the market. 

The difference is that each Blowfish collection is curated to reflect the fresh, laid-back aesthetic that is representative for the California lifestyle. Also, the footwear is designed to honor the spirit of youth. According to the company, there are a few things that set Blowfish apart from others:

Their skilled, experienced, and forward-thinking designers. Their obsession with comfort. 

Their designs that make footwear original and on trend. The fresh and creative details that they use. Quality footwear sold at affordable prices.

The beginning

Blowfish Malibu started in a little office in Edison, New Jersey. The initial team consisted of three people, and all of them worked to run operations, finance, and sales. The company's design team only consisted of a person and it was based in Malibu. The movement to a single company out of California was made in 2009.

The connection with Malibu

Blowfish's office isn't based in Malibu but in sunny Culver City, California. The only connection of the company with Malibu is one of its founders. However, the other founders visit his Malibu house quite a lot and they feel inspired by the Malibu lifestyle.

The name

Originally, the company's name was just Blowfish. However, after a year, it was lengthened to Blowfish Malibu.

All over the world

Although the roots of the company were set in the US, Blowfish boots, Blowfish flip flops, and any other Blowfish products can be found around the world, including UK, France, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Australia. 

Characteristics: laid-back, comfy and casual

The company claims that 99% of its shoes are made with some sort of easy way to wear them. For example, Blowfish boots UK include an inside zipper that enables an easy on and off, Velcro is used for sandals so they are easy to put on, and sneakers have an elastic that allows the wearer to quickly slide them on and off.

In-house prints

Every print on the Blowfish shoes UK has been designed by the company's team of designers. No matter the type or theme of the print, it is original and unique.

Fame on TV

In 2010, MTV filmed a reality episode of 'Hired' at Blowfish Malibu offices, when the company was on a quest for an international sales assistant. The whole episode was dedicated to Blowfish Malibu. In the end, the company actually hired someone.