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Every now and then, it is necessary to buy a pair of shoes that screams individuality and gives you a platform upon which you can stand tall in any crowd. At tReds we understand that and continuously strive to meet your needs when we choose a new range to promote.

With our Buffalo range, made famous in the 1990s by the Spice Girls, you can enjoy a blend of high end design without the high end prices. Browse our selection below or use the panel on the left to refine your search by size, colour and price.

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Buffalo Boots GmbH was founded in 1979 as a retail-business for cowboy boots. Back then cowboy boots were the most fashionable shoe wear for teens. The success of this retail-business lead to the distribution of the brand BUFFALO throughout Germany at first. Early in the eighties Buffalo Boots GmbH developed its first sport shoe which then had been sold extraordinarily successful in over 20 different colour combinations. On various international fairs Buffalo Boots GmbH then began offering a wider range of styles beside the cowboy boots.

In 1984, Buffalo Boots GmbH started selling its products also outside of Germany - USA, England, France, Netherlands, Austria and Australia. During that time BUFFALO became a famous brand in the young fashion shoe market. In 1995 Buffalo Boots GmbH created and developed a sport shoe line which, with its platform sole, was highly innovative in the international market. Since that time until today BUFFALO became one of the most well known brands in the European market.