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Caterpillar Footwear & Clothing

Cat Footwear harnesses the strength and innovation of Caterpillar Inc., whose revolutionary technologies continue to transform the world around us. Inspired by the attitude of this equipment, our innovative and bold products defy limitations. With each pair of shoes, we’re powering our Earthmovers with the strength of machines.

For rugged, all-terrain boots which have become nothing short of iconic, CAT boots are the real deal. Caterpillar was formed in 1925 as a manufacturer of industrial equipment, CAT footwear came later to bring the same principles of honesty, authenticity and modernising to fashion. CAT boots are now an established street fashion staple. The legendary Colorado boots, which come in a variety of colours and materials for both men and women, are part of a range of a variety of other designs. There are designs in the CAT boots range which go with various styles and are suitable for everyday work attire, casual outfits, or nights out.

The recognisable black and yellow branding is a symbol of quality and a sign that you are wearing footwear which is built to last. Take a look at the extensive range here at tReds, and see which are the CAT boots for your lifestyle.

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Are you looking for Caterpillar boots UK or Caterpillar clothing UK? Then you surely know that this brand is recognized for its quality work footwear and clothing. Caterpillar is the brand that is meant to stop the work accidents from affecting your life. 

Caterpillar boots are quality, durable, and safe. Caterpillar is actually a company that makes thousands consumer products, but they don’t include apparel and footwear. 

Are you surprised to read that? Don’t be! We’ll explain you how this comes..

When you hear about Cat boots UK, we know you think about Caterpillar brand and you suppose it produces the footwear and clothing you know. 

However, the truth is that products are made by third-party companies that are granted a license to use the Caterpillar and Cat brands under strict controls. 

In order to be allowed to use the brands, the manufacturing companies are obliged to ensure Caterpillar’s commitment to durability, reliability, and customer safety. These characteristics aren't overlooked in manufacturing footwear and clothing that appears on the market under the Cat or Caterpillar brands.