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It’s Converse, everyone knows it & loves it - including us at tReds!

The Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker is nothing short of iconic. The trainer quickly transcended the basketball court and became a symbol for rebellion, counter-culture, and the individual. At tReds, we have an extensive range of Converse sneakers, including the classic Chuck Taylors in a variety of colours and fabrics including stars leather as well as other fantastic designs which sport the famous Star Chevron logo.

‘Shoes are boring, wear sneakers’ demand Converse and it’s difficult to argue when you look at the great designs they have in their range. We have a wide selection of Converse shoes here at tReds, with bold colourful designs for those who want to stand out and muted colour schemes for more formal occasions.

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Converse is a fashion brand that everybody knows and it is highly appreciated. Whether we talk about the black and white Converse shoes that are already iconic, black leather Converse, or ladies Converse, the truth is that Converse UK is a brand that everybody loves.

However, you might want to purchase some Converse shoes UK, but before that, you can find out some interesting facts about your favorite brand.

Interesting facts about Converse

1. Converse first started making men’s rubber shoes, which are also known as men's rain boots. Nowadays, you can find various Converse boots UK to match with your outfits. 

2. In 1917, the company started to create the sneakers that have become well-known worldwide.

3. A pair of Converse Chuck Taylor trainers is sold every 2.5 seconds, which means there are sold 100 million pairs a year.

4. In the beginning, Converse was launched as an athletic brand that produced footwear for sports enthusiasts. However, it has developed as a brand that sells shoes for everyone. Their footwear is appreciated by everyone for their comfort and style.

5. Converse became a label that catered to the youthful and music scene

6. Chuck Taylor is a real person and he was a basketball player who worked for Converse in Chicago, as a salesman. He sold Converse shoes to high school and college basketball teams. He was very dedicated to the brand, so the company decided to put his name on every pair of Converse sneakers starting in 1932.

7. It was also in 1932 when Converse sneakers got their ventilation eyelets. This invention was a great one, as it helps the feet to breathe and get ventilated, thus it protects the feet from the bad odor.

8. Chuck Taylor All Star has a basic design that hasn't changed since 1949 and has become iconic.

9. The label hasn't always been as successful as you might think. In 1990, Converse became bankrupt and Nike purchased this company in 2003.

10. According to Facebook and its 'Likes' calculation, Converse is the third most famous brand in the world.