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DC Skate Shoes - Skate & Snowboard Fashion Footwear

DC embodies the attitude of the world of skating and extreme sports. The brand consults professionals from skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross to ensure they are at the cutting edge of their field. DC shoes are built to last and withstand all that the extreme sports they represent throw at them. These tough qualities along with their supreme style have made them one of the leading brands in extreme sportswear since they were founded in 1994. Endorsed by such big names as Ken Block and Rob Dyrdek, you’ll be in an impressive company when you pull on your DCs. Browse our selection to see which pair of trainers best match your look. In the selection here at tReds, we have the chunkier style sneakers typically connected to DC as well as retro-style canvas pumps. All quality made, in a variety of colours and designs for me and women. 

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From the creative force behind legendary brands Eightball, Droors, and Dub, DC Shoes was launched in 1994 as a profound disruption to the skateboarding industry. Founders Damon Way and Ken Block personified the collision of attributes that has uniquely guided DC for 25 years. A juxtaposition of music, art, and streetwear sensibilities with oversized confidence, style, and performance created a dynamic brand position which challenged the status quo on every level. This explosive creativity quickly grew from skateboarding to snowboarding, surfing, motocross, and streetwear. 

Smashing together athletic aesthetics with military-grade performance, DC established itself through groundbreaking product and an unmatched roster of teamriders who lived and breathed the brand ethos. Complementary to this authentic skate foundation, DC helped shape modern collaboration culture by pioneering partnerships with brands like Supreme and artists like Shepard Fairey. Guided by this DNA and true to the founders’ intent, DC continues this rich legacy today with the same irreverent attitude, rule-breaking style, and entrepreneurial hustle that birthed it. Then, now and always, DC is here to PUSH.