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DC at tReds

DC Skate Shoes - Skate & Snowboard Fashion Footwear

DC embodies the attitude of the world of skating and extreme sports. The brand consults professionals from skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross to ensure they are at the cutting edge of their field.

DC shoes are built to last and withstand all that the extreme sports they represent throw at them. These tough qualities along with their supreme style have made them one of the leading brands in extreme sportswear since they were founded in 1994.

Endorsed by such big names as Ken Block and Rob Dyrdek, you’ll be in an impressive company when you pull on your DCs. Browse our selection to see which pair of trainers best match your look.

In the selection here at tReds, we have the chunkier style sneakers typically connected to DC as well as retro-style canvas pumps. All quality made, in a variety of colours and designs for me and women. 

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Founded in California, each design by this brand carries the spirit of the US west coast. Today, DC are truly a global brand but one which has never forgotten it’s roots. Bought out by Quiksilver in 2004, DC are part of manufacturing brand which is well respected in extreme sports and urban fashion across the world.

So, if you are a BMXer, boarder or rally driver, find a pair of DCs which match your extreme way of life. Show your style and spirit with these great shoes.