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At tReds, we are committed to bringing you the absolute best quality footwear on the market, which is why we teamed up with Dr Martens to provide this quality. A giant in the footwear industry, Dr Martens has been making popular shoes for over half a century. Here is your chance to be defined by this proudly individual brand.

Be expressive, rebellious, free-thinking and different when strutting down any road, street or path. We understand the value of owning a singularly fantastic and unique pair of shoes, Dr. Martens offers you that chance. Browse our great selection below and use the tabs on the left to filter your search by size, colour and price. We hope you have a great shopping experience at tReds!

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Dr Martens

Dr Martens, also known as DMS or Docs is the brand that produces some of the most famous footwear. DM boots have become an icon of British footwear and they are instantly recognizable by their bouncing soles and iconic yellow stitching. Dr Martens boots UK have been popular over their fifty years of existence and they have been worn by everyone, starting with punks and ending with policemen. 

It is possible that you already have at least one pair of Doc Martens boots UK or Dr Martens sandals UK, but even if you don't and you’re going to look for a pair of DM boots UK to buy at a Dr Martens UK sale, you might want to find out some information and facts about this famous brand.

Interesting facts about Dr Martens

1. Dr. Martens are German invented. They were created by Klaus Maertens in 1945, who was a doctor. He suffered an accident while skiing and he was hurt, so his military boots were too uncomfortable to wear after the accident. Therefore, he invented Dr. Martens boots, by creating a boot from soft leather with an air-cushioned sole that helped ease the pain on his feet.

2. The first pairs of Dr Martens boots were made from recycled leather and disused rubber from Luftwaffe airfields after the war ended. These boots went on sale in Munich.

3. Where does the style's name come from? The first pair of Dr. Martens boots came off the production line on April 1, 1960. The style then created got the name 1460, after the European style of marking the date: day, month, year.

4. Who were these boots designed for? Dr Martens boots went public in 1960 and they were designed for factory workers, police and firefighters. However, it didn’t take long until they were adopted by the punk, skinhead, and grunge crowds. Although they started in Britain, they soon went international.

5. The increasing popularity of Dr Martens boots is also thanks to Pete Townshend, the Who guitarist. He started wearing Dr. Martens boots in 1966 because he wanted to achieve a more utility look instead of the long flowing clothing the band used to wear. He claimed he was tired of getting tangled in his long robes while he was playing.

Information and collections

Nowadays, Dr. Martens is sold in hundreds of stockists worldwide and it also has its own standalone stores all over the world. The brand is represented by timeless styles. However, it also produces industrial work boots with steel toes and specialized sole units. 

One of the special collections created by Dr. Martens is The Vintage Collection. This collection focuses on reproducing Dr. Martens to look how they would have looked in the sixties. The Made in England Collection is yet another special one and it builds Dr. Martens to the highest quality in the original R. Grigg Group Ltd. factory in Northamptonshire, where the first Dr. Martens boot was manufactured in 1960. 

Special features of Dr. Martens

Since Dr. Martens was meant for the working class, so it was essential that it produced quality footwear. However, the brand remained to its roots by keeping production methods simple and sturdy until today. Up until recently, the company offered a “Made for Life” line, which contained footwear that came with a lifetime guarantee.

Dr. Martens are so durable due to their PVC sole unit. This unit is oil and acid resistant and it will soften with wear, thus reducing the risk of cracking or splitting. This PVC sole unit has a grid-like construction that traps air when applied to the boot, thus providing the cushioning support that gives Airwair its name.

To apply the sole to the upper, a PVC welt is stitched onto the upper and then the sole unit is bonded to the welt with extreme temperatures to form a solid, sturdy PVC unit.