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At tReds, we are committed to bringing you the absolute best quality footwear on the market, which is why we teamed up with Dr Martens to provide this quality. A giant in the footwear industry, Dr Martens has been making popular shoes for over half a century. Here is your chance to be defined by this proudly individual brand.

Be expressive, rebellious, free-thinking and different when strutting down any road, street or path. We understand the value of owning a singularly fantastic and unique pair of shoes, Dr. Martens offers you that chance. Browse our great selection below and use the tabs on the left to filter your search by size, colour and price. We hope you have a great shopping experience at tReds!

Buy Dr Martens at tReds for fast shipping, easy returns, and incredible service.

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Dr. Martens have been a staple for comfortable unique leather boots and shoes for decades, ever since Dr. Marten himself made a pair of boots to help him walk after finding army boots not up to scratch.

Here are tReds, we understand the desire for quality design, but we also understand the need to save money when and where you can. That is why we offer a 10% discount to students.

If you’d like to speak to one of our friendly advisers about our Dr Martens footwear or any of our other products, or would like some help with an existing order, please don’t hesitate to call on 0800 635 0021 or contact us online.