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FitFlop™ is the first muscle-activating flip flop and here at tReds, we offer a range of FitFlop’s classic styles in a wide selection of colours. Every pair combines cutting-edge style with scientifically engineered technology, the Microwobbleboard™.

The Microwobbleboard™ places more emphasis on the midsole of the shoe, which helps to spread pressure evenly throughout the foot, rather than asking the heel and the ball to do most of the ‘leg work’. We have some of the best FitFlop designs on offer at tReds. Purchase them today, and join over twenty million owners who have already got their hands on a pair, since they launched in 2006.

What are you waiting for? FitFlop™ make your feet look and feel amazing.

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The first FitFlop sandal was sold in 2007, after Marcia Kilgore teamed up with expert biomechanists, Dr David Cook and Darren James in 2006.

Since then, FitFlop™ has grown into a world-renowned brand. The footwear makes life easier on your feet, by balancing your entire foot, rather than balancing on two main points – this also takes the pressure of your ankles and knees.

Marcia Kilgore originally made her name known with a chain of spas and beauty products. Therefore, she had a good insight to the problems that modern women face day to day when designing the footwear. This is what inspired her to create the FitFlop™. She believes that women everywhere cannot reach their full potential, if they have to compromise comfort and happiness.