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Fly London

FLY London Shoes, Boots & Sandals

For quality made shoes and sandals constructed with the best materials to the highest standards, you need to look no further than FLY London. At tReds, we are proud to stock a wide range of products from this fantastic brand.

FLY London pride themselves on producing innovative styles which display class, quirk and joy. With the inspirational motto ‘always progressive, never conventional’, you can be assured that a pair of shoes or sandals from this brand will add to your individual look and encourage you to express to yourself.

Our range at tReds includes strappy sandals, sturdy boots, as well as pumps and other stylish shoes. Choose a design which captures your personality and adds some FLY quirkiness to your look.

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Fly London

Fly footwear is a nice choice for everyone who loves wearing stylish outfits. Whether you want to get a pair of red Fly boots, Fly black boots, Fly ankle boots or the cheapest Fly boots that you can find, you can be sure you'll look amazing wearing them. You can buy your favorite items at the Fly London sale, so you enjoy them at a great price. However, you might want to know why is Fly London so appreciated worldwide, when it was created, and what is its design philosophy. 

A short history and design philosophy 

Fly London was created in 1994 in the UK and it is owned by Fortunado O. Frederico & Ca Lda. It has its head office and production in Portugal. It is one of the most prestigious footwear brands of the European continent. Fly London aims to create comfortable, quirky and innovative products. When you say Fly London, you say style, design, and color combinations. The company started with the aim to create original fashion products using traditional techniques in an innovative way. 

Fly London's motto is 'Don't walk, fly!'. Their designers have a message that says 'Go where the inspiration takes you!'. Fly footwear is appreciated for its elegance and the creativity used for producing the footwear. Fly London boots, Fly London sandals, Fly London shoes - they are all designed in a panoply of colors, with unusual details and materials that are guaranteed to catch one's eye.

Recently, Fly London was nominated for the 'Oscars' of British fashion in the footwear category. This brand sells products in more than 3000 multi-brand shops and it owns six shops of its own: two in Portugal, two in England, one in Ireland, and one in the United States of America.

Fly shoes, Fly sandals, and Fly boots are designed with no limitations. Besides, the entire process of creating the footwear is a pleasant one. The design process isn't a result of an overbearing management style or stifling meetings with corporate jingoistic language. Instead of these, the product is born during a joyful and instinctive creative period.