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When it comes to the ultimate summer footwear then Havaianas have got it covered. They are one of the most popular Flip Flop brand out there. If you love being on a beach or beside a pool then you're going to need a pair of Havaianas this summer. Their famous Havaianas Brazil Logo is certain to be seen anywhere that the sun shines. Not only are they the coolest flip flops on the planet but they're also extremely comfortable. Ask anyone who has a pair and they will tell you that these are an absolute essential during the summer months. At tReds, we have a huge range of styles and colours so no matter your size or taste, tReds has you covered!

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Havaianas slippers or Havaianas flip flops UK are very popular worldwide, but it took some time for the company to get so recognized. Havaianas is a Brazilian brand with a rich history that contributed to generating the company’s worldwide name recognition. 

You probably know the Havaiana flip flops, but do you know everything about the brand? We're sure not, so here you can learn some interesting facts about Havaianas.

Interesting facts about Havaianas

1. Havaianas were created in 1962 and they are owned by Alpargatas.

2. Havaianas were the first-ever rubber flip-flops.

3. The name stems from the Portuguese word havaianos, which is the word for 'Hawaiians'.

4. Although nowadays you can find pink Havaianas, red Havaianas, and Havaianas of various other colors, they were originally only available in white and blue. A production error that appeared at a time produced a batch of green Havaianas and they ended up hitting the marketplace. They got such a positive reaction, that Havaianas seized the opportunity and started producing yellow, black, and brown Havaianas pairs.

5. Havaianas flip-flops are inspired by the Zori, a traditional Japanese sandal.

6. In 1980, Havaianas were officially listed as one of the products that control inflation in Brazil, along with rice and beans.

7. Havaianas has introduced a sandal with a mini Brazilian flag on the strap for 1998 FIFA World Cup, to show their support for the national team.

8. In 1999, Jean Paul Gaultier became the first designer to feature Havaianas on the runway.

9. In 2006, the Havaianas “Slim” style was born. Flip-flops in this line were characterized by a thinner and more delicate strap. Women everywhere quickly fell in love with this style.

10. Also in 2006, in Australia, Havaianas broke a Guinness Book record for the longest line formed on the beaches holding rafts in the shape of Havaianas. Thousands of Australians participated to help break this record.