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Known as the most stylish wellie at music festivals, Hunters are famous for their high-quality rubber boots that come in a range of colours and deliver legendary fit and comfort. Thanks to the British weather, there is never a bad time to invest in some wellington boots, and there is no pair more stylish than a pair of Hunters. It is no surprise that Hunter wellies will be the footwear of choice for festivals, camping trips and other activities where you are sure to get a little muddy!

Here at tReds, we stock a large range of all the latest colours. Choose from a classic long wellington boot or a short wellie, and don’t forget the stylish Hunter socks to complete the look and keep your feet warm during the winter months. Whatever your style, we've got something for you at tReds.

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Hunter is a British heritage brand that has a rich history of innovation. This brand is renowned due to its iconic Original boot. Hunter was established in 1856 and footwear manufactured by this brand is worn by those who lead. Hunter was founded by American entrepreneur Henry Lee Norris. When he landed on Scottish soil, he founded the North British Rubber Company, which later became Hunter. At the North British Rubber Company, he produced boots and other industrial items, using the newly patented and innovative vulcanization process to create durable rubber products.

The company only began with four people, but by the mid-1870, it had grown to 600 staff members. At the start of World War I, in 1914, the production at the factory rose dramatically. The War Office commissioned sturdy rubber boots to protect soldiers stationed in the trenches. To keep up with the demand, the mill was required to run 24 hours a day. It manufactured over 1 million boots over the war period. The company gained its renown for its protective designs, so it was called upon again in 1939 after the outbreak of World War II.

The Original Green Wellington was created in 1956. This style became known as the Original boot and it represents the iconic design at the heart of the Hunter brand. Nowadays, you can find a variety of boots inspired by this iconic design, including olive Hunter wellies, kids silver Hunter wellies, and many others. The design was respected, so the boots are still made on the original last and they are handcrafted from 28 parts.

In 1977, Hunter was awarded a Royal Warrant by Appointment to HRH Duke of Edinburgh and in 1986 to HM The Queen, an accolade of the highest order.

Hunter has become more popular over the time and it spread to various parts of the world. This popularity is given to the fact that the company produced boots that always met or even exceeded the expectations of customers. Here are some reasons why Hunter boots are appreciated: