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Believe the Hype! tReds are proud to stock the cutting edge designs of this great brand. Formed in 2011, Hype is truly a label for contemporary culture. As well as their distinctively eye-catching designs which use imagery from all corners of the world, the story of the company is also very much of its time.

After designing a small range of alternative-style products fresh out of university, the two co-founders set about building Hype’s social media following. This loyal fan base helped them win a design competition which earned them 100 free t-shirts. Since then, the business has snowballed, as has the hype surrounding Hype.

We stock a fantastic selection of Hype backpacks with the best of their out-there designs. As well as bags, we also have clothing and accessories from this great label.

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Hype is one of the most famous brands and it produces various clothing and accessories. It was established in 2011 and it began as a self-funded project. Hype designs printed clothing and accessories. Hype won a T-shirt printing competition, so this constituted its first batch of stock, which got sold out in only a few hours. Due to social networking, Hype succeeded in developing into something greater than anyone thought. 

Within a few months, Hype evolved into one of the most famous UK brands. It is housed in the heart of the Midlands. The Hype flagship store opened in London in the summer 2013 and in Taiwan in 2016. Nowadays, it is found in a huge number of stores worldwide. Although Hype began with selling printed T-shirts, it has developed into something wider. Nowadays, you can find Hype clothing, Hype bags, Hype rucksack and much more.

The complete range of Hype products covers menswear, womenswear, and kidswear. They also have products from various categories, besides T-shirts and backpacks. Hype contains the following product categories: hoodies, joggers, sweatshirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, vests, coats, parkas, tech jackets, coach jackets, cagoules, shirts, jeans, suits and blazers, Hype tracksuit, chinos, shorts, skirts, body suits, dresses, footwear, snap-back caps, 5-panel caps, beanies, bucket hats, bobble hats, backpacks, bum bags, pencil cases, laptop sleeves, and phone cases.

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